Molcho, Solomon

(c. 1500-32)
   Italian kabbalist and pseudo-messiah. He was born in Lisbon of marrano parents, and his given name was Diogo Pires. He became secretary to the King of Portugal's council and recorder at the Court of Appeals. After meeting David Reuveni he circumcised himself and took his Hebrew name. He lived for a time in Salonika, where he studied kabbalah, then returned to Italy. Believing himself to be the Messiah, he preached about the coming of messianic redemption. Although he obtained the protection of Pope Clement VII against the Inquisition, he was accused by an inquisitional court of Judaizing (trying to persuade converts to Chritianity to return to Judaism) and was condemned to be burned at the stake. He was reprieved on this occasion, but was condemned again after refusing to convert to Christianity and was burned in 1532. Many Jews and marranos in Italy refused to believe that he had died, and thought he had been saved once more.

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